10 Stupid Things Students Do While Cramming on Account of Test Anxiety

10 Stupid Things Students Do While Cramming on Account of Test Anxiety

The torturous academic schedules have often led to a scenario where a student finds himself a midst exams that have a lot of syllabus to be covered in a short frame of time. Here are 10 crazy things a student normally indulges in while cramming for exams:

  • Assuming oneself to be a supercomputer: Often the idea that students embark on is to master a semester’s worth syllabus into a cramming session of two or three hours.business-19156_640
  • The night Study: 12 hours of night study of continual cramming can only be fostered via a supercomputer or a machine.
  • Highlighting and decorating: Coloring your book or notes don’t make any difference unless and until, one can actually manage to learn them by heart.
  • Starting Fresh: Picking up a fresh book before the night of an exam and then assorting all sorts of stationery around them whilst having painted every single page with stick-on’s and markers can bring in the fictitious feeling of studying everything.
  • The study ambiance: Often students build the perfect nest for studying like ensuring there is no noise, only in creating defense that they did everything for the exam.
  • Re- reading as revision: The option of re-reading is not actually studying. Glancing through things over and over again can actually never result in the perfect harmony of learning things; rather it will clog up everything that was properly learnt before
  • Last minute Cramming: Students assume that the last five minutes before the exam can actually surmise the gamut of knowledge that will be needed to answer the paper. The last minute study before the exam relays a false sense of achievement, which is rather detrimental than advantageous.
  • Fake Study: Having books stacked up on the desk and notes strewn on the table can actually bring about a false impression of studying very hard.
  • Unrealistic goals: often students realize that they need to master every single topic in order to stand first in the class.
  • Clubbing notes: Students tend to collect notes from different sources, rather than concentrating on one particular set of notes.

Anxiety and fear results in the above few crazy things students indulge in during exams. Such a condition is known as Test anxiety, which students befall into while preparing for exams.



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