About Naturax

The Naturax Kit™ is an all natural test anxiety relieve solution, existing out of a two bottles kit. The Kit is designed to relief symptoms of stress and anxiety related to test situations like test anxiety, exam anxiety, stage fright, public speaking (glossophobia), dating and any other test situation of any kind.

  • NaturaX™ formulas are safe to use for all ages and it contains only herbal extracts and ingredients.

Each spray bottle has an important role in dealing with stress and test anxiety:


STEP 1 for the preparation period prior to the test:

Helps to relieve the tension accumulated during the “learning” phase and thus significantly reduces and inhibits the development process of the anxiety. The extract is for people who wish to establish emotional balance for an important test or exam and want to reach this important event relaxed and calm.

Consistent use of this extract can help to reduce the anxiety and might even help it disappear altogether.



STEP 2day of “test”

Intended for the relief of symptoms of stress, anxiety or blackout that may appear on the day of the test.  This formula is not suitable for daily use and should only be used on the day of the test or even a day before.





Important note: NaturaX™ is also suitable for people that suffer from ADD / ADHD and taking medication such Ritalin.