Anxiety and Fear create a Stress Response

Anxiety and Fear both bring on similar reactions and responses to certain dangers or perceived dangers. Still, many experts come to believe that there are some fundamental deviations between the two.

Increased heart rate, Lack of focus, muscle tension, are just a few of the physiological symptoms associated with a response to danger. These bodily changes occur due to an inborn  Fight or flight stress response that is believed to be necessary for our survival. Without this stress response, our mind would not receive the alerting danger signal, and our bodies would be unable to prepare to flee or stay and battle when faced with danger. But there is another response in this mix called freeze.

This would be like the deer that freezes in the headlight while the car is speeding towards it. The deer inability to make a decision at the time of crisis results in its inability to act and freeze on the spot.


According to authors Kaplan and Sadock, anxiety is “a diffuse, unpleasant, vague sense of apprehension…” It is most of the times a reactions to an undefined or unknown threat. For example, imagine you’re strolling down in the wrong part of town after dark. You most likely feel some uneasy and perhaps you even have a few butterflies in your stomach. These sensations are the result of your anxiety of the possibility that a stranger may jump in front of you, or harm you. There is no real or known threat at that moment but just the possibility and your imaginations does the rest.


Fear is an emotional reaction to a known or definite threat. In the same setting above you are walking in this part of the city and someone actually approaches you with a clear weapon in his hand robbing you on the spot. The danger is real, definite and immediate. There is a clear and present reason for fear.

Even thou the underlying reason is different (real vs. imagined danger), fear and anxiety are interconnected. Fear causes anxiety, and anxiety can cause fear. The subtle distinctions between the two will give you a better grasp and understanding what is happening in your body and how best to treat this.

NaturaX deals with the anxiety symptoms of the flight and freeze responses.  By choosing to deal with the anxiety you in turn choose to fight the anxiety.

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