Below we have gathered the most frequently asked questions ot better known as the FAQ, if you have another questions or require additional information , we will be more then happy to provide you with all the answers concerning the products.

Does NaturaX ™ work?

Definitely. The formula was developed through a painstaking process over a number of years. The kit has been tested by dozens of students, actors and business executives around the globe who showed a positive and significant improvement in performance. To read recommendations from other users Testimonials.

Who should use NaturaX ™?

NaturaX ™ has been developed to provide the most complete solution to anyone that stand before an important “test ” situation such as: school test, auditions, job interview, giving a presentation or speaking  in front of people.

What distinguishes NaturaX ™ from the other solutions in the market?

Anxiety and stress are divided into different types. Any anxiety or pressure (stress) has its own specific symptoms. There are quite a few products in the market, natural or prescription drugs that ease stress and anxiety, but NaturaX ™ is the only product developed specifically to overcome Stress & Test Anxiety.

Is NaturaX™ addictive?

Absolutely not. The extracts used in our formulas do not cause addiction. NaturaX™ is not a drug but a dietary supplement.

Can the use of NaturaX ™ cause side effects?

No. There are no known side effects  associated with using NaturaX

Is it safe to take NaturaX™ for extended periods of time?

Yes. NaturaX™ does not accumulate or “build up” in the body. It is impossible to “overdose” on NaturaX™

How is the NaturaX ™ kit produced?

NaturaX ™ is manufactured in “Herbal Laboratories Ltd.”, a high-tech facility operating according to the highest professional standards, using the best quality materials and subjects to Standards law. The factory is under the GMP quality management system, ISO-9001 and ISO-22 000 and controlled by IQC Institute and quality control. licensed: 4/939. NaturaX ™ has Kosher certificate by the Lower Galilee Rabbinate.

How long has the NaturaX ™ kit been on the market?

NaturaX ™ kit has been use in the past decade by dozens of private clients and students who heard about the product through word of mouth. Due to the dramatic increase in demand we have established this website to introduce this great solution to the mass market