Overcoming Test Anxiety: Relax, it’s Only a Test

The exam period is almost here, and millions of students are turning to a variety of chemicals to overcome test anxiety

The leaflet of one of the medication for the treatment of Attention Deficit Disorders said: “ADHD is a behavioral disorder in children and adolescents. Closer to 3% of children suffering from this disorder”.

So how is it possible that if only 3% of the population fit the profile of this medication, which is registered under the dangerous drugs bill, it (and similar solutions) have become routine for so many students around the world? The answer is simple: as a result of hardship, the lack of specific solutions available and in an attempt to maximize the success, many students are consuming different types of chemicals, even if they do not belong to the same 3%.rest-52495_640

What really destroys the potential for success?

There is no doubt that attention disorders undermine learning potential. But the right question is: what really bothers him? Periods of overload and stress creates disorders in concentration and memory, but in fact, compared to the 3% that are characterized by Attention Deficit Disorders, more than 30% of students suffer from the effects of stress and test anxiety at some level.

The bottom line: each year millions of students around the worlds suffer from stress and test anxiety that terrorists their chances of success.

Many times, students and parents confuse symptoms of anxiety with ADHD, especially in times of stress and prior the exam period. Those students abuse drugs in order to overcome the situation, but it is not necessarily the right solution

The drug companies are encouraging the wrong interpretation of the crowd, and the light hand on the trigger of prescriptions drugs only reinforces the phenomenon.

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